Today in the world, depression is one the most leading causes of death annually. Depression has its roots in drugs and sadness related problems. The depressed people are more likely to engage in criminal activities in a country and serial killings, also depression is the leading cause of the escalating suicide rates happening in America today. Depression is a popular emotional illness and at thus, it can be treated without much attention but, it may be difficult for it to be treated in a person if the person refuses to cooperate with the specialist. In America, it is estimated that many men and women and even children, develop depression at certain stages in their lives and as a result of this, they have an instability in the emotional balances of their bodies neurotransmitters, which are natural substances that permit the brain cells to connect to each other. The two neurotransmitters found in the body, that could cause depression of a person are the serotonin and norepinephrine. These neurotransmitters consist of powerful chemicals that control the many physical and emotional activities of the mental system, the emotional state of the mind and the pain response of the body. Thus the neurotransmitters are like the master control of all the vital functions of the Medicine Direct of the body.